Friar’s Predictions for the 2012 Apocalypse


What MIGHT happen….


The sky will turn to blood, and there will be a rain of squirrels.

2012 Squirrels


The Earth will be swallowed up by the planet Pac-Man, The Devourer.

2012 Pac Mana

Vikings will take up Tai-chi.   Vegans will develop a sense of humor.

2012 Vikingsa

Dolphins will develop opposable thumbs and will figure out how to activate the launch codes.

2102 Dolphinsa

The Earth will be sucked into a huge black hole created by the History Channel self-imploding under the force of its own ignorance.

2012-History Channela

Facebook becomes self-aware,   sees humanity as a threat to its existence, and decides to kill us all.




What will PROBABLY happen



Absolutely NOTHING.



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5 Comments on “Friar’s Predictions for the 2012 Apocalypse”

  1. Allison Day Says:

    The third one made me giggle. 😉

  2. Friar Says:

    Uh-oh…are you turning Vegan?

  3. Eyeteaguy Says:

    #3 made me laugh. Thanks. And goodbye. Or see you later depending on how things turn out.

  4. Friar Says:


    Seems we’re still here.


  5. Allison Day Says:

    Friar – HAH! No, I like bacon way too much. But I do know a lot of vegans… 😉

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