Christmas-Themed Doodles

I did this one months ago, with no thought of Christmas.

But I like the red and green colors.

So it goes with the season.

2012-12-20 Red Green Doodle)a

I can see where my mood changed as I drew this.   I had started in the upper-right, with mostly rectangular shapes.

2012-12-20 Doodle (Fall 2012) IMG_0372

Then, as I went lower, I started drawing repetitive patterns.

I can’t tell you what all the shapes mean.

But I do know towards the bottom, I was going for a Lucky Charms and a Pac-Man theme.   Plus some Christmas trees.


I like this one.   It totally surprised me.

2012-12-18 Train Doodle

It started out as a total random blob of shapes.  But then I discovered it kind of looked like a train locomotive.

So I finished drawing it that way.


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One Comment on “Christmas-Themed Doodles”

  1. Cloun Samuel Says:

    No doubt, you have special artistic talent, Friar. I trust you had a Merry Little Christmas with your family and safe travels with der bear. Happy XC trails in 2013.

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