Monday Night Art Class: Something’s Fishy

I love to paint landscapes, but every now and then I get bored and need to do something different.

So today I did something I never did before:  I painted a fish.

This was a 27 inch pike I caught last summer.


I could have painted the entire fish, but I chose to focus on  just on the head, because that’s the most interesting part.

I love pike.   They’re awesome.

They look like gators.   They have razor sharp teeth.  And they don’t give a rats’ ass…they’re not afraid to attack anything.

They put up a great fight when you hook them, and they’re quite tasty (despite what the walleye snobs might tell you).

They’re also beautiful fish and fun subjects to paint.

I was surprised at the pallete I used to capture this image:   red, purple, yellow ochre, sap green, greys, browns, and yellows.

Northern Predator

It turned out okay.   I’m not displeased.

I think I’ll do more fish.

Next time, it will be speckled trout.




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4 Comments on “Monday Night Art Class: Something’s Fishy”

  1. Momlady Says:

    Looks like the real thing (but that’s the point…isn’t it?).

  2. Dot Says:

    “…and they don’t give a rat’s ass…” Honey badger don’t care. I’m amazed at the likenesses you get. Such accuracy, along with the artistry

  3. thats really good 🙂

  4. Friar Says:

    Thanks. Yeah. I was trying to make it look real. But next time I think I need to make the pike less green and more brown.

    That’s one more critter I haven’t painted yet. 🙂

    @saved in drafts

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