Moose Recon: Mission Accomplished.

This is a good time to go moose-spotting.

Especially in the highways near Provincial Parks.

The critters are attracted to the leftover salt on the roads from the winter.

So, at least once a year,  in April, I do a mini-road trip and bring my camera along, and try to find some moose.

It never fails.

I always find at least one.

Like I did today.

So I’m happy to report:  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

Moose IMG_1693


Moose IMG_1683


Moose IMG_1684a

As a bonus, I try to include Junior Bear into a photo as well.

And that mission too, was accomplished.

Moose IMG_1694

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4 Comments on “Moose Recon: Mission Accomplished.”

  1. Friar's Mom Says:

    You’re so fortunate to set out to take a photo and that moose posed for you. It looks like a female moose still wearing her long winter coat.

    You’re fortunate that she didn’t have a calf nearby. Moose can be more dangerous than bears when protecting their young.

  2. Momlady Says:

    Great pictures and I’m glad you were able to include Bear.

  3. Karen Swim Says:

    Love these photographs Friar!

  4. Friar Says:


    Aww..thanks! 🙂

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