My American Cereal Collection

Whenever I travel to the States, I stock up on the junk food that you can’t get in Canada.    Especially the cereals.

Here’s my latest stash:

1.   Crunch Berries 

We used to be able to get these when I was a kid.   But somewhere along the line,  Crunch Berries moved back South of the Border, and now we’re stuck with just the plain old Cap’n Crunch.

Notice the berries are multi-colored now.   I remember when they only came on one color:  bright pink.

Also notice how manic-looking the Cap’n has become.     He ain’t quite right….he’s not the friendly,  kindly-looking Cap’n that we grew up with.

I dunno…maybe he’s  OD’ing on all the sugar.

1.  Cereal Crunch Berries IMG_3376


Cocoa Puffs

Again,  I have fold memories of these as a kid (while visiting Grandma, of course).   There’s no way in hell Friar’s Mom would ever stoop so low as to buy these for us.

But, just like with Crunch Berries,  you just cant’ get these here any more.    (Count Chocula, either).

You don’t know what you got, till it’s gone. (*sigh*)

And check out the look of pure delight, while Sonny (who’s cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs) tries to navigate through a tidal wave of pure chocolate.

Screw the yogurt and nuts.   Which normal, healthy, red-blooded kid wouldn’t love a breakfast like that?

Say what you will, but any cereal that turns the milk brown, has got my respect.

1. Cereal Cocoa Puffs IMG_3373a

Apple Jacks 

We can still occasionally get these in Canada.   But not with MARSHMALLOWS.

And why add marshmallows, you may ask?

Because they CAN.

1. Cereal Apple Jacks IMG_3372

And look at the apple with the bulging eyes.     He also ain’t quite right….thought the cinnamon dude looks like he’d be fun to party with.


Cookie Crisp 

This is my favorite.    You just gotta admire the in-your-face attitude from General Mills. …how they don’t even TRY to pretend this cereal/candy isn’t loaded with sugar.

Look, kids:  it’s like eating a big bowl of cookies.

Which really, isn’t that far from the truth.

1. Cereal Cookie CrispIMG_3371

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5 Comments on “My American Cereal Collection”

  1. Mike Says:

    It’s been years since I had any cereal — after being diagnosed as being allergic to milk over 12 years ago. Actually, these three are ones I think I would like.

  2. Kyddryn Says:

    Ooooh, Sugar Woogies! When I was a kid, we’d each get to choose one box of these outrageous cereals once every few weeks, but we had to make ’em last. I liked Lucky Charms. I’d pick out the marshmallows, eat the cereal, then munch the ‘mallows. I was…am…deeply weird.

    Cheers for the bowl o’ memories…

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  3. Friar Says:

    You can just eat them out of the box, dry. Likd candy. That’s what I do sometimes.

    We would get junk cereal twice year. (1) On our vacation/camping trip. and (2) As a “Christmas Preserhnt”. Friar’s Mom would wrap up the cereal, and we’d get it under the tree along with the other gifts.

  4. Ter Says:

    I am twitching just looking at these cereals!
    The only one I have in my cereal cupboard is
    Apple Jacks, sans marshmallows.

    To me marshmallows are for immolating while camping or for hot cocoa

  5. william Says:

    Reblogged this on William's Blog and commented:
    American Snacks/Food That You Can’t Find in Canada

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