Fall Colors 2013

The fall colors this year were okayyyyy…but not spectacular.   Not like they were in 2012 or 2008.

But I still managed to find some nice pockets of color.

Fall IMG_4541BaFall IMG_4552


Fall IMG_4571


Fall IMG_4575a

Fall IMG_4577a

Fall IMG_4582a

Fall IMG_4595a

Fall IMG_4599a

Fall IMG_4604a

Fall IMG_4612a

Fall IMG_4641a

Fall IMG_4655 - Copya

Fall IMG_4652a

Fall IMG_4670a

Fall IMG_4687a

Fall IMG_4688a

Fall IMG_4945a

Fall IMG_4987a

Fall 2012IMG_4992


Red Leaves IMG_4708a

No colors in this last one, but it was a gorgeous October day, and warm enough to paddle in shorts until sunset .



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4 Comments on “Fall Colors 2013”

  1. Mike Says:

    Nice pictures. Certainly looks autumn-like there.

    For the most part, our trees haven’t shown much fall color, yet. We do have one early tree on the far front of our property that is completely turned — very vibrant orange to red colors. It’s usually the first to lose its leaves. We have much cooler temperatures in the forecast, so colors are not too far away.

  2. Ter Says:

    Great photos as always.
    Love the shots where the water is smooth as glass.

    A few folks agree with you on this years fall colours being rather muted.

  3. Friar Says:

    You’re way behind us. It’s amazing what even a few hundred miles of lattitude will do. Eastern Ontario is finished…but Southern Ontario is even in full swing.

    Thanks! I drove 90 minutes each way after work to get the smooth-as-glass shots. Long ways to go…but it was worth it.

  4. Ter Says:

    Car ride is ALWAYS worthwhile!

    Also loving the colour contrast between the gorgeous blue sky and the turning leaves.

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