French 101: Random Phrases Overheard in a Quebec Restaurant


“Sh-tanh Floride”  
(I was in Florida)

“ShPah Kapab…”
(I am not able to…)

“Yeh Pu Kapab…”
(He is no longer able to…)

“Nuh Nuh Non.”
(Emphatic no)


“Euh, lah, euh.,.”
(Um…well, um.,.)

(The fact is, there..)

“Bainh, Lah, lah…”
(Well, um, there..)

“Ah, Bainh, La, Euh…”
(Oh, well, then, there…)


“Mwhye Meh”
(Hmm.  Yes, but…)

(You know…)

“Ee bouge pu…”
(He is no longer moving…)

“Pee Lah..”
(And then, there…)

“Pee Euhhh…”
(And then, ummmmm)

“Ease cash…”
(He is hiding…)

“Yah Tawnh”
(He is waiting)

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2 Comments on “French 101: Random Phrases Overheard in a Quebec Restaurant”

  1. Tina Says:

    Deep Friar, I have been following your blog for over a year now. Why? Because when I found out I was moving to (dun, dun, dun) Rouyn-Noranda, I tried looking it up on Google and came across some pictures you had taken of the town. I decided to follow your blog in hopes of asking you some questions about this place before I actually came here. Well, that didn’t work out as planned and here I am a year later already moved here. But I still follow your blog and enjoy your humorous posts. Especially the ones about Quebec! (by the way I am neither French or Canadian. but I have learned a great deal about being French Canadian since moving here)


  2. Friar Says:


    Wow…Rouyn-Noranda. That’s really “up there”. Must have been a culture shock! I’m fluently bilingual and I was raised in Quebec, and even I find being up there is like being in another country. 🙂

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