Stupid Burger

How desperate do you have to be,  that you’re willing to eat a microwave a burger?

Burger 1 IMG_7860
I mean…I’m one of the laziest cooks out there.

I HATE cooking.

But even a schmuck like me is willing to buy some ground beef, make patties and throw them onto the grill.

But let’s say you’re not even willing to cook even THAT much.

For the same price,  why wouldn’t you just go to the Drive-Thru?

I mean, it would still be junk food…but at least it would be made fresh.

So who would want eat a microwave burger?


I dunno.

But for the past 2 years, I’ve been seeing these abominations in the freezer section at the Jumbo Cat Grocery Store, and I’ve been ignoring them.

But curiosity had finally got the best of me.

So this week I had to check them out.

Burger 2 IMG_7861


Still frozen:

Burger 4IMG_7862

After 60 seconds on the microwave (as per the instructions)

Actually, it doesn’t’ look as bad as I had imagined.

Burger 5 IMG_7863

At least the bacon looks reasonable. 

Burger 6

Burger 7


Originally, I had no intention of eating it.     This was just a consumer experiment.

But after another 10 seconds in the microwave,  and adding some mustard and relish,  I was willing to give it a try.

Burger 8IMG_7866



Surprisingly adequate.

Don’t get me wrong.   They’re not great.   I don’t think I’d buy one again.

But they’re not horrible.

No better or worse than a re-heated cheap fast-food burger.


Regardless,  I got my $2.00 worth of amusement.

It was worth it.


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