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Continuing to Celebrate my Literary Ignorance: More Books I Haven’t Read

April 18, 2010


Following up from an earlier post

Almost everything by F. Scott FitzGerald
I read The Great Gatsby in Grade 12 English, because I had to.   

The teacher was so bad, he pretty much killed my desire from pursuing this author any further.


Anything by Margaret Atwood
Ssshh…don’t tell the Berkenstock-Wearing Granola-Crunching CBC Inteligentsia…they’ll have my head!


The Harry Potter Series
I admit, I liked the movies.    And I’d probably like the books.

But my brother just told me he read the entire series aloud to his son.   He said it was over 1,000,000 words. 

Ugh.   A time committment like that frightens me.   


The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Because I took the actual three-day course at work.

And it was the best training course I’ve ever had at my company.

By default.


Anything by Jane Austen
And I never will her, either.

No, wait.  Let me qualify that.   

If, for whatever reason, I was stuck somewhere on a desert island, or taken hostage and put in solitary confinement…and it was the only thing around, I might consider reading it.


(No…still…probably not). 


Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre
See Jane Austen.

Moby Dick.   
Let me guess.   The whale did it.


I started reading it once, but had to quit.  
It made less sense than the movie.

If that’s at all possible.

Which I didn’t thias possible.    

Better-Late-than-Never Category (*)

(*) Books I’ve enjoyed, but didn’t get around to until well into my 30’s and 40’s. 

– The Adventures of HuckleBerry Finn (Just read it last year….though I did read Tom Sawyer 30 years earlier)
– The Good Earth
– To Kill a MockingBird
– East of Eden
– 2001 Space Odyssey (A few months ago…Now I finally the last 20 incomprehensible minutes of the movie)


Those E-Books from the Cool Kid Bloggers. 
They’re supposed to be awesome.  They’re supposed to ‘Change your life”.   They’re supposed to make you weep with tears of self-awareness.

You know, if it was narrowed down to a few dozen, I’d be tempted.    

But there are so many “Life Changing” E-books out there, that you can’t click twice with your mouse without tripping over one.    And each one claims to be the lastest, best thing.

So no thanks, I’ll pass…

Sorry.  Nothing personal.  

I just have too many other books on the “must read” list that I need to get to first.

Like Jane Austen.