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Friar Spies…

August 24, 2011

I spy, with my little eye…

A dragster.   The South Pole.  Kids riding the short bus.  A jet plane.   An electric drill.  A slug.   Jupiter.  The number seven.  Pac Man.  A cactus.  A pink heart, yellow moon, orange star, and  green clover.  A frog.  A can of coke.  A sperm whale.   The letter I.  Phases of the Moon.  A Big Mac.  A ghost.  A bone.  A dog.  The definition of entropy.  A glass of Coke.   A Space Invader.  A razor blade.   A sand castle.   Firewood.  Steps.  A sailboat.  A giraffe.  A real caste.   The Rockies.  A baleen whale.   A steam train.  A stick of Wrigley Doublemint Gum.  Battling Tops.  A maple leaf.   A big dog.  Cow manure.  A monster truck.  A giraffe.  Grapes.  A cell with mitochondria.   The sun.  A laugh of derision.   Omega.  A Tesseract.  A cow.  Stop signs stacked in an octoganal prism.   A polar bear possibly yawning.

…and, my overall impression of the room I was in that prompted me to draw this.