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Two different pens. One combined doodle.

March 6, 2014

2014-03-05 Doodle

Can you find (?) :

A Beatnik Bandit (google it) .   A shitting unicorn.   A squid.    A femur.   A bearded clam.   A brick.     A brick shithouse.   DNA.   A mug of crud.  A dancing pickle.  A type-T thermocouple.  A nuke.    Many stars.    A tennis ball.   A dumbass retriever-dawg.   “e” twice.   And also pi.     A speckled trout.  A Big Mac.  The letter F.   And U.   And C.   And K.  Grapefruit.   A saguaro cactus.  A curious dog.  A donut with icing. Another (non bearded) clam.   Nil.    A log.  Bacon (of course).  An annoyed rattlesnake.   A dangerous horse.   Saturn.    A Swagelok male connector. Pacman and one ghost.  An atom.  A conical section.  A tesseract.   A rude monkey.  Planck’s Constant.  Bananas.  A wise owl.  A snarky Etch-a-Sketch.    A Mercury-Redstone Rocket.  A coat hanger.  Dairy Queen.     A small sword to stab with.   Pyramid Power.   A barrel of monkeys, sans monkeys.   A grumpy Viking.   The Grapes of Wrath.  And a blender.

A Productive Day

November 6, 2012

More scribbling.

I know it’s a good one when I cover the entire page.


Things my Brain Felt Like Drawing Today

August 16, 2012

A water tap.   A duck   Saguaro cactii.   Saturn.   An ice cream cone.   Stars.   Tau.   A gear.   A heart.  A potted lily.

A hockey skate.   A resting dog.    Clouds.   A light bulb.   A bell.  DNA.   A donut.   A foot.   A pipe wrench.

A mitochondria.   A pine tree.  A bone.  Jupiter.  A tetrahedral model of the methane molecule.   A frowny face.

The sun and it’s corona.    A greek column.  The letter F.   A snail.    A toilet.  Building blocks.   The sun partially obscured by clouds.

An “up” arrow.    A curved arrow.  A right arrow.  A left arrow.  A ladder.  A bush with flowers.   The letter Q.  A tennis ball.

And a whole bunch of random shapes that make no sense to me whatsoever

One Incredibly Boring Meeting

December 12, 2011

This was a doodle I did at work about 11 years ago.

At the time,  I was determined to cover the entire sheet of paper.

And I succeeded.

I’d never done this before, nor since.

But it gives you an idea of how EXCEPTIONALLY BORING the meeting was.



Friar Spies…

August 24, 2011

I spy, with my little eye…

A dragster.   The South Pole.  Kids riding the short bus.  A jet plane.   An electric drill.  A slug.   Jupiter.  The number seven.  Pac Man.  A cactus.  A pink heart, yellow moon, orange star, and  green clover.  A frog.  A can of coke.  A sperm whale.   The letter I.  Phases of the Moon.  A Big Mac.  A ghost.  A bone.  A dog.  The definition of entropy.  A glass of Coke.   A Space Invader.  A razor blade.   A sand castle.   Firewood.  Steps.  A sailboat.  A giraffe.  A real caste.   The Rockies.  A baleen whale.   A steam train.  A stick of Wrigley Doublemint Gum.  Battling Tops.  A maple leaf.   A big dog.  Cow manure.  A monster truck.  A giraffe.  Grapes.  A cell with mitochondria.   The sun.  A laugh of derision.   Omega.  A Tesseract.  A cow.  Stop signs stacked in an octoganal prism.   A polar bear possibly yawning.

…and, my overall impression of the room I was in that prompted me to draw this.

Random Thoughts on a Monday.

November 8, 2010

Moutains.   A rocket.   A crescent moon.  A deciduous tree (maybe an elm).  A comet.   Stars.   An elephant    A castle.  A telephone pole.  A duck.  The letter F.   A winding road in the desert.   A palm tree.  A weather vane.  A jet in a fenced-in back yard.   A pine tree.   A Volkswagen Beetle.   Lightning.  A roller coater.  A dog rolling on the ground.   Sunflowers.   A house.  Another house.   A front door with a dog lying beside it.   A barn.   The letter J.     A donut.   A bird.  Half an orange.   A strait section of highway.  Grapes.    A Christmas wreath.  An atom.   A water slide.   Six suns.   Saguaro cacti.    The Number 8.   Maple leaves.    Three H’s.   Three chain links.   A bird bath in the front yard.   A rainbow.   A traffic light.   Black spruce trees.   A space shuttle.   The Number 3.

Drawing a few dozen items at a time.

October 1, 2010

Besides the random shapes my brain likes to create,  I drew Saturn.

And a doggie.  And a dragon.  And angels.   And a violin.  And a Space Invader.   And a moose.   And a bottle of wine.  And a castle.  And snow-capped mountains.  And a birdie.  And a turtle.  And clouds.  And a pine tree.  And a coffee mug.  And all four suits.   And music notes.   And a barn.  And an orca.  And a happy face.  And a total eclipse.  And another Saturn.   And a Christmas Tree.  And a DQ cone.   And a gorilla.  And a pyramid.  And someone on a swing.  And a boat.  And a lucky horse shoe.   And a snake.  And a happy face sticking out their tongue.   And a paw print.  And an F.  And a backwards 3.   And someone flipping the bird.