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Double-standards you shouldn’t even bother TRYING to argue against…

January 29, 2009

There’s a heat wave and the Eco-alarmists will instantly attribute it to Global Warming.   But if there’s a sudden cold snap across the country, they’ll ALSO say this is caused by Global Warming.   (Because Global Warming “causes instabilities in climate”…there will be some hot periods, and some cool periods.)

If women on TV talk about kinky sex in vivid detail, it’s considered “exploring their sexuality” and “empowering”.  But if men did this, they’d be called “pigs”.  Candlelight vigils would be held, and the “sexist” show would be banned from the networks.

Your company screws up and blows tens of millions of dollars on a major project, and nobody gets fired.   But you get raked over the coals when your one, tiny, insignificant report is a week overdue.

Hurting someone (to the point of them collapsing on the ground writhing in agony) is not only perfectly acceptable on TV, but it’s encouraged and considered FUNNY.  (But ONLY  if you’re male..and only if you’re getting hit in the genitals.)

The Do-Gooders will pick on overweight people and smokers, claiming these people put a drain on the Public Health Care system.  Yet these same critics will be dead set against allowing anyone to pay for their own private medical insurance (which is illegal, in Canada).

If a dog refuses to learn a new trick, it’s because they’re “too stupid”.   If a cat refuses to learn a trick (ANY kind of trick) it’s because they’re “too smart”.

They promote you to a position with more responsibility and longer work hours,  but they’re offended when you have the gall to ask for an increase in salary.

Writing a blog post describing a list of tips on how to start thinking about putting together notes to prepare a rough draft of a short story will get 150 comments.    Actually WRITING a short story…maybe 20.

Your Yuppie friend self-righteously announces they’re buying a $2500 energy-efficient front-loading washer to save on energy costs.  But then they’ll fly to Flagstaff Arizona for the weekend, just to enter an Eco-Triathalon for fun.

You share an office with several noisy co-workers, to the point that you can’t concentrate on your work.  You don’t have a lap top where you can go find a quiet room to work.   Your boss wont’ give you one.  And you’ll get scolded if your work is late.   Which may come up on your annual performance review.  Which your boss will probably type up on THEIR lap-top.

Even though you work and pay taxes, they’ll criticize and question your lifestyle choice if you’re overweight, buy a gas-guzzling SUV or smoke.   But nobody dares question the lifestyle choice of the drug addict getting free needles, or the welfare mom with four kids from four different dads.

Christmas trees are being banned, but some people want to start bringing Sharia Law in the courts.

They schedule a work meeting at lunch, and offer to feed you.   But when the pizzas are delivered, they sit there getting cold, because everyone is too scared to get up and demand to start eating.

You’ll get a ticket if you parked in a handicapped spot. (Yet when was the last time you saw one of those spots actually OCCUPIED?)

Parents want certain cartoons banned because they’re violent and are a bad influence on kids.  Even though they’re precisely the same cartoons the parents grew up watching in the first place.