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A Quick Eclipse

October 23, 2014

Today in Ontario we had a partial solar eclipse.   In fact, it covered most of North America.

Nothing spectacular where I was   Just a tiny wedge of the sun disappeared.

And of course it just happened at sunset so I literally only had maybe 15-20 minutes to see the whole thing before it disappeared.

But I wanted to catch the event on camera.   But I don’t have welders glasses, or a tripod, or fancy camera filters.

So I just used some binoculars and safely projected the image of the sun on a piece of paper taped to my car window.


This is the low budget approach.

And it takes a LOT of patience to hold the camera with one hand, the binocs with the other, and line everything up.   The image of the sun from the two eyepieces jiggles all over the place.  (Like I said,  I dont’ have a tripod).


But if you take a few dozen pictures,  a few will turn out okay.

Here you can see the progression of the eclipse.   The black dot in the middle is a large sunspot named “Active Region 2192“.

Sun 0688


Sun 0699


Sun 0739

The lines on the top of these last two photos aren’t smudges or mistakes.   Those are the branches of the trees, as the sun was just dipping below the horizon.

Sun 0744

SUN 0749