Berserk! Goes the Weasel!

All around the Skull-berry bush,
The Viking chased the Weasel.

The Viking thought ’twas fun until
BERSERK!  Went the Weasel!

A Kroner for a loaf of bread
Some hearty grog and cheese, well…

That’s the way Valhalla goes…
BERSERK!  Goes the Weasel!

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15 Comments on “Berserk! Goes the Weasel!”

  1. Friar's Mom Says:

    @ Wee Friar,

    You continue to amuse me and my friends. I like the idea of bandaids for his scratches.

    Question? Howcum no horns on his helmet?

  2. Friar Says:

    @Friar’s Mom

    No horns…just for variety. I don’t want the Vikings to all look alike.

  3. Seestor Says:

    The skull berry bush. That’s berry berry amusing. 🙂

    I smiled out loud.


  4. Eyeteaguy Says:


    You may want to change

    “That’s they way Valhalla goes…”


    “That’s the way Valhalla goes”

    In the words of Lord Vader. “I find your lack of attention to detail disturbing.”


  5. Well, when I was a kid I’d take a trip every summer down the Mississippi
    To visit my granny in her antebellum world
    I’d run barefooted all day long climbin’ trees free as a song
    And one day I happened to catch myself a squirrel
    Well, I stuffed him down in an old shoe box, punched a couple of holes in the top
    And when Sunday came I snuck him into Church
    I was sittin’ way back in the very last pew showin’ him to my good buddy Hugh
    When that squirrel got loose and went totally berserk
    Well, what happened next is hard to tell
    Some thought it was heaven others thought it was hell
    But the fact that something was among us was plain to see
    As the choir sang “I Surrender All” the squirrel ran up Harv Newlan’s coveralls
    Harv leaped to his feet and said, “Somethin’s got a hold on me”, Yeow!

    The day the squirrel went berserk
    In the First Self-Righteous Church
    In the sleepy little town of Pascagoula
    It was a fight for survival that broke out in revival
    They were jumpin’ pews and shoutin’ Hallelujah!

    (Ray Charles)

  6. sorry that was Ray STEVENS!

  7. Friar Says:

    I think Skull-berries would make a good breakfast cereal.

    Ahhh…I think you’ve lost interest in being Firsties. You’re probably spending time with another blogger….

    @Candian Army Wife
    Now…it seems to me I saw this before…something on TV or a movie…about a squirrel in church…It’s at the tip of my tongue…

  8. Brett Legree Says:

    How about a peanut butter and skull-berry jam sammitch?

  9. Friar Says:



    Maybe the topic of another nursery rhyme? With the Viking equivalent of Miss Muffet, eating a PB-skullberry sammtich.

  10. Brett Legree Says:

    I feel sorry for the spider when Viking Muffet gets done with it…

  11. Friar's Mom Says:

    @ Wee Friar,

    Little Jack Horner would be a great rhyme.

    What Viking name would he have? Where would he sit? What kind of pie would he eat? What would he stick into his pie? What would he pull out? What would he say?

  12. eyeteaguy Says:

    Hard to lose interest when you keep post such gems as these.

    And you are my one true blogger, I would never read another.


  13. Karen JL Says:

    @ Eyeteaguy (a.k.a. Eyesuckupguy) –

    You may want to change

    “when you keep post such gems as these.”


    “when you keep posting such gems as these.”

    In the words of Lord Vader. “I find your lack of attention to detail disturbing.”


  14. Friar Says:



    Strong in you, the Force is. Resisting Eyeteaguy, you are.

    But I’ll go easy on him, since he just gave me what appeared to be a sincere genuine compliment.

  15. […] That was  one of my first attempts at a later cartoon:  Berserk! Goes the Weasel! […]

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